The Cool Quest

The Cool Quest

The Cool Quest is one of Holland’s hardest working bands with over 500 shows, lots of airplay and several awards to their name. Besides home country The Netherlands, TCQ is working hard to conquer Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. They played several major (showcase) festivals like Reeperbahn Festival, MS Dockville, Eurosonic,Tallinn Music Week and three international club tours.

The band members met more or less by accident at a jam session in 2010 and got along so well, they decided to start working together on a regular basis. This eventually led to their first album ‘Funkin’ Badass’ (2014) including hit single ‘Shine’ and the interest from (inter)national media.

The Cool Quest reminds strongly of the energy from early 90’s hip hop mixed with powerful pop music. After touring two years with their second album ‘VIVID’ (2018) it was time for a new songs and a fresh updated live show.

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