StukaParty - Illya Korniyenko

Originally from Ukraine but raised in the Netherlands, Illiya Korniyenko’s rise through the European hard techno scene has been a relentless and fast paced affair, akin to his music.

Heavily inspired by the quintessential sound which characterised hard techno in the early to mid 2000s, Illiya’s productions present driving, mechanical and saturated grooves within the framework of modern industrial techno. The juxtaposition between the past and present are evident in his workflow, utilising classic hardware such as Roland’s 303 and Mackie mixers to carve his own unique sound, often recognisable by warm, analogue laced drums and chaotic acid leads.

The track selection in his DJ sets often includes his own productions in addition to self-mastered revisions of older tracks. Illiya’s signature sound, composed of intense yet carefully woven elements, is achieved by his enormous attention to detail, evident in both his tracks and sets.

This phenomenon has allowed him to make his mark in some of Europe’s major raves, where he has erupted energy upon Dutch parties such as Intercell, Basis and Courtoisy in addition to international slots at festivals such as Extrema Belgium.

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